Milos Islands: Villages

The breathtaking beauty of Milos Ιsland

The breathtaking beauty of Milos Ιsland

Strolling around Milos Island, exploring the volcanic scenes, the rocky landscapes, are the most incredible things to do in this Cycladic Island without ever forgetting the 70 beaches with the pure bluish water of the Aegean sea.
Milos is located between the islands of Sifnos and Santorini and is one of the five largest islands in Greece. Milos is known for its geology, hot spring and of the ancient statue of Aphrodite of Milos known as “Venus De Milo”.


The white beach of Sarakiniko, is besieged by a spectacular rocky scenery. A singular beauty leading into deep blue of Aegean Sea. An unforgettable natural scenery. Sarakiniko took its name from the Saracen pirates who used to hide their boats under the white cliffs.
The breathtaking beauty of Milos Ιsland

Firiplaka, a narrow beach under the cliffs. The water is hot and shallow.
Agia Kyriaki, golden sand and exotic waters. An isolated beach offers relaxation and serenity. Surrounded by colorful volcanic rocks this incredible beach gives thng of privacy.
Papafragas, an idyllic landscape.  From the top of the rock, it gives the inpression of a natural swimming pool, an enormous cave carved out of the cliff side. 
The best way to visit all the amazing beaches of Milos, is to take a boat tour around the island. At the port  of Adamadas there are many boat tours that offer excursions around the island to beaches you cannot reach without a boat.

Villages & Places

Plaka,the center of Milos is Plaka a picturesque town built along the mountainside. With the typical Cycladic architecture is the must-visit place in Milos. For magical views, visit the Venetian Castle, meet the locals and chat with them. Tip: The best spot for a breathtaking sunset view is at the church of Panagia.

The fascinating village of Pollonia or Apollonia, is a beautiful fishing village and Milos’ second port. Pollonia is the right place for nightlife fun.
This only-in Milos village of Klima, with architecture that was created by the fishermen. On the ground floor “syrmata” used as boat garage and as a storage room and on the upper floor was the main house. The main purpose was to protect their boat for the bad weather conditions.
Sulfur Mines
These natural resources have been profitable since the ancient years. Now Milos has silver, bauxite and is one of the world’s largest mine for bentonite.

We had an excellent stay at Pavlos House in Zefyria.